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Federal Trade Commission: A very useful web site presentation for franchisee and franchisor alike:

North American Security Administrators Association. This is the association of state regulators that regulate franchising among the various state authorities:

The Franchise Registry is a program established by the US Small Business Administration by which franchisors may register, provide basic information about their franchise offerings, and thus streamline the SBA loan application process for franchisees.

The International Franchise Association is the leading trade association in the US. Its members include franchisors and franchisees:

French Franchise Resources. I consider France to be the leader in Europe in the growth of franchising. It has been said that there is as much franchising in France as in all of the other European countries combined. Here is a most useful source of information offered by leading professionals in the franchise community:

American Bar Association Forum on Franchising. This is the leading group of franchise attorneys in the US, and it is part of the American Bar Association. There are about 2,000 members:

Good research paper by Georgetown undergraduate about franchising. 

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