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iPhone Application

In November 2011 we published the first iPhone application in the world designed to assist in compliance with US franchise laws: the FranchiseComplier app.

The FranchiseComplier Application helps business executives, sales representatives, and all “Franchise Sellers” in the business format franchise arena comply with the myriad of state and federal regulations of business format franchising. This information is not legal advice, it is a factual distillation of existing laws and regulations organized at your finger tips for quick reference – prepared by Andrew A. Caffey, a leading franchise attorney.

Try our FranchiseComplier/Free. This nifty little App puts basic information about franchise sales rules right in the palm of your hand. Situation: a prospective franchisee calls from Nevada. Quick, are there any franchise laws in Nevada you need to know about BEFORE you talk to this prospect?! Does Nevada require franchisors to register? Touch Nevada on the App’s State Reference wheel and a brief summary tells you.

This fully developed application puts powerful information tools on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: state and federal disclosure rules summarized; state franchise sales rules noted by state; business opportunity laws noted by state; relationship laws noted by state; useful franchise community news, blogs, and articles; timely alerts; easily calendar your expiration dates; tips on closing your franchise sale; avoiding pitfalls in franchise sales; research links to find competitor FDDs; and quick links to FDD Guidelines published by the FTC and NASAA. This is a motherlode of directly pertinent information. No one in the franchise field should be without FranchiseComplier on his or her iPhone.


This Application is available for immediate use on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. From your device, just go to the Apple iPhone application store and search for FranchiseComplier, and download a free copy for your use – with our compliments.

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